we offer many levels of Restoration

top level professional state

we can offer your personalized pinball machine with gold plated and chrome options

new cabinet can be fitted where available , new playfields ad plastics also

new DMD displays are fitted , new Legs are fitted , new glass is fitted

POA and depends on work , these options are above our standard process and charged and a hourly rate

all options in Full rebuild are included in this process


Full rebuild state

this is our standard process and we offer this on all our restored machines


  • All new rubbers
  • All new LEDS fitted
  • Flippers rebuilt
  • Playfield fully stripped, Cleaned and Hand Polished.
  • All under playfield lamp holders cleaned.
  • all playfield inserts cleaned of dust/dirt
  • Metal scoops have been adjusted and repaired where needed
  • cabinet has been fully cleaned inside and out and touched up
  • legs have been cleaned
  • AllĀ  plasticsĀ  are cleaned
  • freshly highly polished balls added
  • all boards have been checked and rebuilt
  • all coils checked and working as they should ( or replaced)
  • all switches are adjusted


working as is

these are machine as they arrive or have been traded in

we have checked them and they work

they have not been rebuilt



these again are as they arrive but we have not powered them up

they might be missing some parts , so please always look at the pictures carefully

or come in and search around